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BFR-001 Walkie-talkie gets reviewed by evoIndia

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

evoIndia judges the BFR001 as "an essential tool for automotive journos"

Out team at BRUTFORCE is ecstatic to share the news that our walkie-talkie has passed another test with flying colours! And it's not just another test, but one that was conducted by professionals in the field of journalism, where communications is not just important but a critical need as the people need to talk to each other while moving rapidly through rough terrain, often with little no connectivity to mobile networks. And aren't we all afraid of dropping and damaging our mobile phones as we juggle with the steering wheel and the phone while driving navigating turns in rough terrain? Fortunately the BRF001 is built for rugged use and can take a beating in it's stride, making it the ideal companion on your road trips and rallies.

Have a look at the latest review and read the magazine's April issue at

Out heartfelt 'Thank You' to Afzal Rawuther for taking the time to test the walkie-talkie and writing the review.

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The BRUTFORCE walkie-talkies have taken the off-roading community by storm and have been a big hit. Logon to our Youtube channel at now for more such reviews.

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1 commentaire

02 juil. 2021

BRUTFORCE walkie talkies are extensively being used now in most of the Motorsports events across the country

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