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BRUTFORCE HAWK-001 Body Worn Camera System Wifi, Gps 64Gb

HAWK-001 Body worn Camera is a wearable audio, video, or photographic recording system. It has the ability to stream in real time from the camera through a WIFI network. High quality video can now be seen live anywhere in the world allowing real-time situational awareness and decision making. This ability has the potential to completely transform certain incident handling and outcomes, giving our users a totally new tool to enhance their effectiveness. HAWK-001 has a range of uses and designs, of which the best-known use is as a part of law enforcement to record their interactions with the public, or gather video evidence at crime scenes. Other uses include action cameras for social and recreational, commercial, healthcare, military, journalism and citizen surveillance.

Special Features :

  • Ultra HD video

  • IR Night vision

  • GPS positioning

  • Wi-Fi/ USB connectivity

  • One key recording

  • Remote Real-time monitoring

  • Remote Real-time talk

  • One key alarm function

  • Remote Real-time location

Applications :

  1.  Capturing Activites during Land Encroachment Investigations

  2. Wildlife Crime Control

  3.  Fire & Rescue Operatons

  4. Night Patrolling Activites 

  5. Increase transparency, can expedite resolution of complaints.


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